Hobart Bookkeeping


We are a small but powerful bookkeeping firm that provides simple and effective solutions.  We are the superhero you are longing for.  We can make all your problems disappear.

Our expertise will help you create and build something completely new and develop new pathways and business opportunities – we already do this every day for our clients.  We would love to invite you into our every growing team.

How we can help

We help businesses take back control by removing the stress.  It’s that simple. 

Our engagement really depends on your requirements.  We provide personalised services which best support your business requirements not the other way around.  We are here for you and are happy to catch up with you on building sites, your place of business or ours. 

You would receive weekly report to help you manage your cash flow.  We would also provide some basic training on how to read your financial report – no good providing you with information that you don’t understand. 

If you are super organised, we can provide you with cheap and practical accounting solutions to get the work done fast and efficiently.  You will be surprised how quick we can process the work. 

If you are super unorganised, we will be your guardian angel, polite but definitely persistent, helping you get back on track.  We don’t give up on our clients.  There is no such thing as too difficult. 

The first meeting is an essential part of our consultation process - we need to pick your brain so we can really understand your requirements.  We would also run through compliance issues which will need to form part of our strategy.


Work, work and more work and we will transform your business using innovation and cutting edge software applications.  With us on board, your life will become far less stressful and your business will be fully compliant.


No solution would be relevant if it doesn't solve your problem. Once our solutions are implemented, we are there to support and improve everything.  In particular, we work closely with our clients to improve cashflow.


Cloud Accounting Software

The advanages of an online accounting system are substanitial.  Being able to manage your business on the go from you mobile or a laptop will change the way you work.  If you want to benefit from cloud based software, you need a bookkeeper who understands the software and can utilise the features.  

We are certified Xero, MYOB and QBO advisors.  Our team can help you get more from your software as we attend regular training seesions and keep up with new releases. 

Online accounting software is changing the accounting industry from data management to advisory services.  We have more time, thanks to automation and artificial intelligence to concentrate on business growth and analysis.  We promise a close relationship with you to help you make proactive decisions and highlight opportunities.



- OR -

We offer a fixed fee services to our clients.  The scope of work and price are agreed upon prior to commencement of the work.  This eliminates unexpected costs.  This allows us to provide a consistent service and encourages you to contact us with any questions without incurring additional costs for every phone conversation or email.  Any services provided outside the scope of our agreement is charged at an hourly rate. 



We also offer an hourly rate for work.  We provide itemised weekly invoices so you know exactly what you are paying for.  This arrangement suits those clients that require a greater flexibility.  We also provide guidance on how to keep your bookkeeping costs to a minimum.





Michelle Hannemann
Xero guru
M: 0404 294 536
E: michelle@hobartbookkeeing.com
Vance Green
Reckon, QBO, Xero expert
M: 0417 378 293
E: vancegreen2@gmail.com
Rob Geary
MYOB specialist
M: 0438 342 677
E: info@robgeary.com