About us

About Hobart Bookkeeping Services

Hobart Bookkeeping Services is a small but powerful bookkeeping firm that provides simple and effective solutions.  We are the superhero you are longing for.  We can make all your problems disappear.

Our expertise will help you create and build something completely new and develop new pathways and business opportunities – we already do this every day for our clients.  We would love to invite you into our ever growing team.

I firmly believe in the value of education.  One of our main objective is to provide training to our clients so that they understand and use their software correctly.  Let's be honest, do you truly know the difference between a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet?

Not every business owner shares my passion for bookkeeping and accounting, however, understanding your finances is of vital importance and if this isn't your strong suit then contact me as I can make you an expert.

I also love simplicity and there is absolutely no point in over-complicating the workflow.  It just creates additional work.  One of the main issues I come across is the incorrect setup of accounting software packages which leaves the client confused and provides irrelevant financial information.

I ask our clients to trust our experience and embrace change.  We would not make a good team if you don't embrace change or consider our solutions.  The outcome of not taking our advice will just mean more work in the long run.  So if you trust us, come along for the ride and see your business transform into a well oiled machine.  


Michelle estabilshed the business approximately 10 years ago.

Rachel is our office manager closely working with our NDIS registered clients

Christa is one of our bookkeepers who is currently studying to become a registered BAS Agent

Jess has experience in running her own transportation business

Anna is our newest member and still in training



We collaborated with two other very successful BAS Agent firms in the Hobart area to ensure we have access to extensive experience and resources.  

In a time of increasingly complex compliance requirements, it's more important than ever to tape into our wealth of experience and knowledge.


We will guide you at every stage to ensure that your business is totally compliant and all obligations are lodged on time so that your business does not incur any penalties.  We work with your existing professional advisers such as your accountant and financial advisers to ensure the best outcome for your business.