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NDIS Service Providers

We support our NDIS clients by providing flexible packages with tailored solutions.  However, we recommend that you contact us early. The main issues we come across when working with NDIS clients is the inability to manage the rapid growth of their business resulting in expensive compliance issues.  


We find that most NDIS service providers go from 2 employees to 30 in just a couple of years and can't keep track of the paperwork nor are compliant with the complexity of the SCHADS award.  

This lack of understanding then results in Fair Works claims, penalties under the Superannuation Guarnatee (Administration) Act and Goods and Services Tax Act.  

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Set Up and Training

The first step is to set up a suitable combination of software packages.  Depending on the size of your NDIS business, you will need a suitable accounting package, a project management software specifically designed for the disability sector and a payroll system with award interpretation.   

We can assist in the setup up and integration of your software packages to ensure smooth operation of your business.  

We can also provide ongoing training or full BAS and payroll services.  

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The SCHADS award is probably the most complex payroll award and with new Fair Work legislation it is important to get this part right.


Some of the issues we have come across are the calculation of allowances, span of ordinary hours, broken shifts and sleepovers.    

To make the job easier, we recommend a management software specifically designed for the disability sector together with a payroll system which can interpret the SCHADS award.  There are some great combinations on the market which will streamline your payroll.  

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Invoicing and Getting Paid

Invoicing for your NDIS services is a little bit different than ordinary invoicing.  Your pricing must meet the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.  Invoices must include specific information, such as the correct support item relating to the service provided.

Getting paid for your services depends on how the participant manages their NDIS budget:

  • Self-managed participants will pay you directly.

  • Plan-managed participants will have a plan manager assisting them and paying their invoices.  Invoices should be sent to the plan manager instead of the participant.

  • NDIA-managed participants need you, the provider, to submit a payment request through the myplace provider portal.  A service booking needs to be in place before payments can be claimed.

We have experience creating compliant invoices for our NDIS clients, as well as setting up service bookings and claiming payments through the myplace provider portal.

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Outsourcing your bookkeeping requirements will free you up to manage your staff and grow your business.  We are experts in processing large volumes of transactions and automating workflows.


Our services are flexible and can be customised depending on the size and capacity of your business.  

It's become more important than ever to ensure your business is compliant as the lenient aproach by the ATO has come to an end and the associated penalties and interest can be substantial.

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Clean Ups and Compliance

We specialise in the clean-up of messy accounts and payroll files.  During this period, we provide you with regular updates and mini training sessions to solve ongoing problems and mistakes.  

Once our services are engaged, we would actively communicate with the ATO in relation to any overdue obligations to minimise further actions being taken including director penalties, garnishees, and prosecution actions.

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HR Management

We work closely with Assurance HR Management to ensure our clients are compliant.  Our HR adviser offers the following services:

  • ensuring that our clients are compliant with state and federal laws

  • hiring and retaining new staff

  • managing Workers comp

  • handling performance reviews and disciplinary actions

  • corresponding with Fair Work

  • writing and maintaining employment contracts, handbooks, job descriptions and policies & procedures

We lodge our BAS on time and let you know how much to budget each week to manage your cashflow.  

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