Our Philosophy

our clients     us
because we can guarantee that any business
that take on our advice will be nothing but successful

We love seeing our clients grow

Never overlook the power of simplicity

We actually can help you grow your business.  First we would ensure that we understand your business and you understand the financial information we provide. 

Then we would start to play around with some ideas and develop concepts to bring those ideas to life.  This could be as simple as managing your business more efficiently or finding new revenue streams.  Business should never stay still, business should continuously evolve. 

There is absolutely no point in over complicating the workflow.  Our solutions solve problems and our packages are customised to our clients' requirements. Our services evolve with the growth of your business.  We keep it flexible - we love a dynamic and flexible business environment and our clients appreciate our love and passion for our work.  We are hear to help you and not to fit your business into our workflow.

... and have fun.  It's great being your own boss - hard work - but very rewarding.  Sometimes, a little help can reignite the passion for your business.

We are here for the long run

Our clients love us as we become part of their team.  Our clients can contact us after hours as well as on weekends.  We are real people, here for real support and real peace of mind.  We have a vested interest in the success of our business clients.  

We can help you make a start

We understand that starting up a new business can be a daunting process for many people.  Our clients get guided through the entire process by our friendly and experienced team.  Let us handle all the tricky bits, so you can start doing what you do best.

Old ways won't open new doors

We ask our clients to trust our experience and embrace change.  We would not make a good team if you don't embrace change or consider our solutions.  The outcome of not taking our advice will just mean more work in the long run.  So if you trust us, come along for the ride and see your business transform into a well oiled machine.  

We understand small business

We understand that change can be a daunting process for many business owners.  Our clients get guided through the entire process of converting to a cloud accounting package.  We will support you every step of the way, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Best accounting tools for business...

QBO is a great product, but it tries to be something for everyone, which means it’s a bigger tool than most people need.  Finding the things you need within the app can be tough because there’s just so much.  Also, we wouldn’t recommend using QBO for cleanup work.  It is more difficult to track major issues and mistakes and fix them.

MYOB has a comprehensive choice of software plans. Offering high-end options. Unlike some competitors, most MYOB software plans will allow users to work offline. If Internet access is an issue this could make MYOB a better option.  MYOB continues as the most widely used accounting software in Australia. MYOB covers software solutions for businesses of all kinds of sizes, from one employee to over a hundred. 

Xero is the accounting tool made for non-accountant.  It comes with a lot of automated features which makes processing of data fast and efficient.  On the downside, it’s so easy to make mistakes particularly if the software hasn’t been set up correctly or the user hasn't received sufficient training.

Recon is a very powerful accounting software package with both desktop and online versions. Two stand out features of reckon are the hugely customisable reporting engine and it’s ability to handle progressive invoicing. This makes it the ideal software for tradies and others engaged in the building industry. For those who are price sensitive then the base version Reckon One may be the answer.

All of these software packages offer great cloud accounting programs that can make your lives easier.  Each one provides you with the basic tools you need for bookkeeping services and reports, including payroll.  Ultimately, the right software program is contingent on your unique needs and preferences.

Vance Green
Reckon, QBO, Xero expert
M: 0417 378 293
E: vancegreen2@gmail.com
Rob Geary
MYOB specialist
M: 0438 342 677
E: info@robgeary.com